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This project started because of my interest in the Twilio API and the Google Cloud Platform. The initial Proof Of Concept (POC) was sending dummy text messages using Twilio API but I extended to connect to an exchange rate API and send a text message daily with the USD to the COP exchange rate. Because of the scope of this POC, a text message channel was used instead of WhatsApp because of the approval required. So, this small project notifies daily the USD price in COP.

It was built on top of GCP architecture. There's a cloud function that queries an API to get the current exchange rate and sends a text message to my number with this rate. This cloud function is subscribed to a Pub/Sub topic that is triggered daily at 8 am by the Cloud Scheduler.

In the end, I realized that people could be interested in subscribing to specific topics/data and get notified via text message or WhatsApp, not only exchange rates. We can think about a way to get custom information via messaging. In the future, maybe that's how newsletters could work. So, there are a lot of opportunities out there.

Here is the repository where you can check the code

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